Welcome to WIDGET!

Welcome to WIDGET

We’re very excited to launch today, on International Women’s Day, something we’ve been working on for a little while now. The issue of women being underrepresented in tech and development has reared its head many times over the last few years, often with very unpleasant side effects, and we felt compelled to try and do something to help. WIDGET will strive to get more women making things.

WIDGET (Women In Development (Games & Everything Tech)) is a not-for-profit organisation supporting those underrepresented in the fields of development and technology, specifically women (including women-identifying) creators across a range of disciplines. We support women developers by means of supplying resources, showcasing role models, and providing an encouraging space in which to ask questions and learn from others. WIDGET hopes to increase the number of women making awesome stuff in our culture and community.

WIDGET aims to achieve this by offering not only an online support base, but also a series of live events, ranging from themed education evenings, game jams for women who have never made a game before, hack nights, group mentoring sessions, and community outreach programs for young girls. Focusing on the personal relationship with the craft enables WIDGET to support all makers regardless of their place of work or level of experience.

While WIDGET’s focus is on helping women developers specifically, we advocate a spirit of inclusion in our wider communities, therefore upholding that spirit within the organisation  itself is important. Anyone is free to enjoy the resources and blog posts WIDGET provides, but the curation will focus on aiding women specifically. WIDGET welcomes similar initiatives that cater to other underrepresented groups within the development community.

With the intention to become an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, WIDGET will spend its formative months moving towards that goal under the direction of two co-directors, Liah Clark and Leena van Deventer, along with the WIDGET steering committee and advisers.

If you think you can help us out, please check out our Support page!

Please note: Blog posts appearing on WIDGET remain the property of the author. WIDGET does not necessarily endorse or promote the advice discussed in the posts (they are the opinions of the authors), but hopes they will be a catalyst to further conversation.

WIDGET aims to be a safe space for discussion with a firm no d-bag policy, and therefore comments will be strictly moderated. WIDGET reserves the right to remove comments it feels are not conducive to furthering discussion, or are harmful or against WIDGET’s core values.

Liah and Leena would like to take this opportunity to thank the countless people who have helped get WIDGET up and running, from our own mentors to the steering committee, our IT professionals, friends who are infinitely generous in their wisdom, the women contributing their time and blog posts to the site, and the people spreading the word about us and what we do. We would also like to personally thank our families and friends for their continued support.

Now, go make stuff!

~ WIDGET Co-directors, Liah Clark and Leena van Deventer