Resources Round Up 08/03/2013

Resources Round Up 08/03/2013

It’s our first Resources Round Up! Every friday we hope to share a round up of handy links and interesting resources we stumble across that might be of interest to you. With this being our first we’re sharing some essential reading, and links to people doing amazing work all over the world for women in development.

Feminists in Games

A research group based in Canada aiming to work out _why_ gender divides exist in our games culture to then start to circumvent those findings in order to make things better for women developers. They have some really interesting papers to read, and hold 3-day symposiums on gender and digital games research.

Dames Making Games

A not-for-profit educational feminist organisation based in Toronto, Canada. They aim to highlight the achievements of local gamemakers, provide an open and supportive community for women interested in making games, and show the world that diversity is pretty awesome. Toronto is a pretty amazing place to be a woman game developer, and that’s proven through the hard work of directors Cecily Carver, Jennie Faber, and Alex Leitch. They hold events such as game jams (and no-jams over longer periods of time), studio sessions, and speaker socials.

The Ada Initiative

A powerhouse of support, the Ada Initiative helps women developers with it’s AdaCamp conference, it’s not-for-profit charity, consultation with other organisations, workshops, surveys and research, and in its amazing work writing and advocating policies preventing harassment of women, specifically at conferences and professional gatherings. Named after Countess Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, co-founders Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora have done an amazing job setting up a support structure for women that lets them know they do have a place in technology, and they have since its dawn.

The Difference Engine Initiative

Run by the Hand Eye Society in Toronto, the Difference Engine Initiative aims to introduce new gamemakers from underrepresented groups into game development, with the intention to diversify the types of games being made. Guided by Mare Sheppard and Jim Munroe, the Difference Engine Initiative’s first incubator session focused on women, and resulted in some fantastic playable games available here.

Lady Geek

A campaigning agency determined to change the discrepancy between the marketers and the women they’re marketing to, specifically focusing on condescending “pink it and shrink it” style approaches. They also offer empathy and sales training, speakers, and have a “Female Heroes Programme” helping brands with women ambassadors.


“A la carte career mentorship for women developers”. A grass roots support base for helping women developers with information about interviewing and applying for jobs, negotiating, professional conduct, money management, conflict resolution, and sorting out their long-term goals.

Good Reads:

Future Woman In Tech

A letter from a caring aunt, to her niece on her 8th birthday. Very moving, and a reminder that we need to do more to make sure we pave the way a little better for the young women coming after us.

“I woke up to my niece’s phone call today. She had called to tell me that she finally had an answer to that fateful forever question of “what do you want to be when you grow up”. She wanted to make video games. This didn’t really surprise me – she always had a knack for summarizing complex game play in a few words. What did surprise me, however, was my inability to go back to sleep after that call. I lay awake, thinking about her future career choice, about how things are now, and how much I wish I could change them for her. I got up, and I wrote her this letter.” (Letter linked above)


@PixelSprite put together an amazing Storify of all the people who offered their services as #1ReasonMentors during the #1ReasonWhy and #1ReasonToBe hashtags. A great way to keep track of all that wisdom that was being offered, given the temporary and rushed nature of the twittersphere. Also included is a twitter list that can be followed, to make things a bit easier.

Molly Lambert’s “In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boy’s Club”

Absolutely essential reading! It changed Leena’s life, this there article. Sure did. Amazing tips for dealing with being a woman in a male dominated space, the article underscores the importance of putting your crosshairs where they need to be (protip: It’s not at other women), and being aware of hidden interests people might have in distracting you from what you’ve come to do. It also speaks of the importance of being confident and speaking up, what allies can do, and checking your own privilege. I especially love the deconstruction of bad things you can expect to happen. It’s very empowering and is great for keeping focused and on track, and not letting haters get you down.

That seems to be a juicy first round up so I’ll leave it there! If you find any resources or interesting reads you think would be good to share please share them in the comments!

Have an awesome day,

~ Leena